Friday, December 3, 2010

Eclipse Android and JVM issue

As you know you need java to develop android related apps.

Eclipse is very userful IDE for this.

While seting up the environment on my
Windows Vista 64 bit AMD machine, i spent several hours struggeling with 64bit vs 32 bit.

After clicking eclipse.exe i initially got 'jvm path error'

If you see JVM path error, you may need to make the following change in the eclipse.ini file.
Basically you need to give the correct path where javaw.exe file exists.
Add following two lines before –vmargs
C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.6.0_04\bin\javaw.exe

Java was started but returned exit code 13

This may be due to the jvm version and eclipse compatibility.
Ensure if you running eclipse in 64 bit machine, you should have jvm 64 bit version.
It took almost 2 hours to me to find the correct version url for jvm 64 bit, following url helped.
Best way to check if JVM is 32 bit or 64
Check if java folder is in program files x 86 folder, if yes then its 32 bit.

f stillnot working try deleting configurationfolder and
Install from command line

eclipse -clean


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