Friday, March 27, 2009

Copy Assembly from GAC,

Getting a copy of a DLL that's only in the GAC

Go to Command window

Find the Assembly directory



This will display the different GAC folders

You need to find where exactly your dll is stored.

It would be GAC_

where can have MSIL, 64, 32. you can see the processor architecure from from the windows exproer view of the Assembly.

Suppose your dll processor Architecure is MSIL then your assembly would be there in GAC_MSIL

Then Go to

Remember __ (Are two underscore)

type command to copy the dll to the directory where you want that.

EX: dll name : mydll

Processor Architecure: MSIL


publc key: 9f4da00116c38ec5

The dir to copy: Mybackup

then command

Copy C:\windows\Assembly\mydll\\mydll.dll c:\Mybackup

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